10 Things Only I Will Understand

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I’ve been there! These are classic situations that happen all the time, but only to me. Anybody who has had my exact life experiences will know precisely what these things are like.

1. That feeling when Mallory calls you Steamboat

2. How hot the car was

3. The reason why this…

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…reminds you of how much you love this:

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4. The feeling when you see this…

…and all you can think is:

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5. That moment when Mallory is all like…

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…and all you can do is be like:

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6. This, just this:

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7. Why my shadow moves when I do not

8. Why I call this thing “Your Majesty”

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9. Seeing this thing…

…and realizing all your work was for nothing

10. That awkward moment when Mallory finds the cave

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