13 Items To Goth Up Your Kitchen

Just because the kitchen may be one of the more functional rooms in the house, it doesn’t mean you can’t give it a Gothic twist! Here’s 13 products to add a little darkness to your kitchen, from cheapest to dearest.

1. Gargoyle Fridge Magnet

Via cathedral-enterprises.co.uk

Here’s a cheap and quick way to show your appreciation of classic Gothic architecure in your kitchen – imagine a few of these magnets leering down from your fridge!£3.50, Cathedral Enterprises

2. Spiderweb Halloween Cupcake Cases

Via amazon.co.uk

Add a bit of creepiness to all of your baking with these spiderweb cupcake cases

£4.39, Amazon

3. Skull Kitchen Brush

Via fionasfrightshoppe.storenvy.com

Take some of the dullness out of washing up with one these great skull brushes.$8.00, Fiona’s Fright Shoppe

4. Skeleton Oven Mitt

Via pushindaisies.com

Keep your hands safe and stylish with this amazing oven glove.$11.99, Pushin Daisies

5. Pot of cloves

Via oldehansa.net

Thanks to their association with clove cigarettes (the narcotic staple of 80s subcultures), cloves are now considered pretty Goth. A pot of cloves in the kitchen will make it all oldy-worldy and smell lovely and dark at the same time.€10.00, Olde Hansa

6. Day of the Dead Corkscrew

Via amazon.co.uk

For opening blood-red wine, of course…£20.51, Amazon

7. Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Via forbiddenplanet.co.uk

I would probably fill this with walnuts, because they look totally like tiny brains.£24.99, Forbidden Planet

8. Ouija Board Apron

Via artfire.com

With this incredible, original apron, you can still look Goth even when cooking!$45.00, Artfire

9. St Pauli Skull Toaster

Via amazon.co.uk

This toaster not only has a skull on it – it actually toasts a skulls and crossbones on your bread! How wicked it that?£33.18, Amazon

10. Blessed Be Pentacle Black Ceramic Tea Set

Via labeshops.com

Perfect for midnight tea parties! I just love the quirky shape of the cups and teapot as well.$68.50, Labe Shops

11. Skull Knife Block

Via menkind.co.uk

Knife sets are badass, so they need an appropriately badass block, like this one.£39.99, Menkind

12. Absinthe Sugar Bowl

Via gothicfallenangel.co.uk

This sugar bowl by Alchemy Gothic, inspired by the “Green Fairy” absinthe, is extraordinarily dark and elegant.£58.99, Gothic Fallen Angel

13. Gothic Arch Wine Rack

Via food-equipment.com

A really elegant way to display your poisons!$180.00, Food Equipment

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