15 Women From Around The World Share What Makes Them Feel Judged

It’s UN week in New York, and the United Nations Foundation kicked things off with the Social Good Summit.

Social Good Summit is an annual convening of grassroots activists, members of the media, world leaders, celebrities, and technology experts in New York. The women below represent many of the above and hail from six continents. Don’t judge them.

1. “For being direct & honest when I speak an unpopular opinion.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Heidi Minx, BuiltOnRespect.com

2. “Working on maternal and child health even before getting married!”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Adepeju Jaiyeoba, Maternal and Fetal Health Advocate

3. “Studying overseas and leaving my kids at home.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Carrie Wood, Writer

4. “When I was promoted to a job overseeing all airports around the world for Delta Air Lines. A ramp supervisor told me I wasn’t qualified to ‘hold his jock strap’. I said ‘I’m not interested in holding your jockstrap’.”

Morgan Shanahan/BuzzFeed

“It broke the whole place up — use humor!”

Vicki Escarra, CEO Opportunity International

5. “During yoga!”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Heather Barmore, Lobbyist

6. “Every show I do.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

7. “I try to ignore judgement.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Jenna Bush Hager, Media Personality

8. “For believing climate change is real.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Emily McKahnn, Founder TheMotherhood.com

9. “Missing the crucial school event.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed


Juju Chen, Nightline

10. “Using social influence to promote causes without being perceived to be using cause to gain influence.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed


Hazami Barmada, Activist

11. “When I was 5 years old, I experienced racial discrimination. I wasn’t sure what it was or why it happened but I now know it is a life journey.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Jacqueline Spann, Activist

12. “When asked if the ‘beauty’ industry actually does anything. (Yep — we own 64% of the salon businesses as women!)”

Morgan Shanahan/BuzzFeed

Jane Wurwand, Founder of Dermalogica

13. “When someone won’t talk to me.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Lehka Singh, Filmmaker, Beyond Right and Wrong

14. “When I fell pregnant.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed


Lulu Haangala, Zambia Youth Ambassador

15. “‘Are you sure you want to go into politics?’ says every man who asks me what I want to do.”

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

Morgan Wood, Teen Advisor for Girl Up

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