19 Signs You Work In PR

1. You wake up at 5:00am every day

2. You check your Google alerts while still in bed:

3. You eat breakfast with these ladies:

4. And you spend most evenings here:

5. You can’t turn off your phone, not even for a second.

6. You consume way too much of this:

7. You get excited with every new social media platform

8. You’ve been known to yell at your computer screen

9. You watched this show religiously

10. Social media is the best place to reach you

11. You have a tendency to “spin” the truth

12. You know how to handle reporters

13. This was your reaction when you saw how Andrew Weiner’s PR team handled the scandal:

14. And this is your reaction when you see politicians and celebrities handling themselves well in front of the media:

15. You did this at the last wedding you attended:

16. You get physically nauseous any time you read cliches in a piece of writing

17. You’re an expert multitasker

18. When someone is acting irrationally, you know how to bite your tongue

19. You get great satisfaction from putting someone else in the spotlight

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