25 Sorority Costumes You Never Want To See Again

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Tis the season to get away with dressing like a sorority girl gone wrong. Seriously, who in their right mind would dress up in these sorority costumes?

25. Minions

As if you couldn’t tell them all apart before, this is a great way to make it even more difficult.

24. Fairies

Didn’t you know that all fairies have duck faces?

23. Starbucks Paraphernalia

She’s setting herself up for some awesome pickup lines: “I like you a-Latte!”  

22. Wine Bottles

A bottle of white? A bottle of red?

21. Barbie

Totally reinforcing the image of sorority girls as Barbie dolls.

20. Sports Teams

What if the WNBA players dressed like this? Attendance would probably go up, actually.

19. Crayons

Butterscoth? Sapphire? Taffy? They also double as stripper names.

18. Powder Puff Girls

This is what happens when you don’t have 2 other friends who will dress up as the Spice Girls with you.

17. Mario & Luigi

It just feels wrong leaving Yoshi out.

16. iPods

Ready for drunk guys to try and push play all night?

15. Skittles

At least one guy is bound to ask if he can “taste the rainbow.”

14. Spice Girls (Again)

I bet you girls know all of the words to “If You Wanna Be My Lover,” don’t you? I bet we’ll hear it right now, too.

13. Liquor Bottles

Do sorority girls like drinking? It’s always so hard to tell.

12. Big Bird

There is something so irreverent about turning childhood memories into a slutty costume. But then again, there is something funny about watching adults wear feathers.

11. SWAT

The whole sexy police women things is too overdone. But what if we gave her a light saber?

10. TY Beanie Babies

If you get enough, you can have your own valuable collection that you can forget about two months later.

9. Disney Princesses

These were their recylced Disney Princess Marathon costumes.

8. U.S. Flag

A wonderful way to honor our country’s heritage.

7. Hot Sauces

“We think we’re hot so we’re hot sauces. Get it?”

6. Candy Wrappers

How many times will they use the word “sweet” in one night?

5. Social Media

Let’s dress up like the social media we will be posting pictures of ourselves on later. It’s pic-ception.

4. Loofahs

Suds ain’t sexy, but it is fun to watch these colorful balls of mesh try to dance.

3. Spice Girls

Seriously, gotta stop with the Spice Girls.

2. Troll Dolls

Nothing screams sexy like nude miniature dolls with crazy clown hair.

1. Yolo

What’s the best way to take the most annoying phrase from the Internet and bring it to life?

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