4 Reasons Why Every Girlfriend Hates The Day NBA 2K Comes Out

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NBA 2K15 has finally arrived! It is a day many guys throughout the country have been looking forward to.

It gives guys a reason to talk trash, hang with their boys and clearly put everything else in the rear view in terms of priorities.

Sometimes, those priorities can range from anything to homework, responding to messages or even girlfriends. Because of these reasons, girlfriends throughout the country are not as happy about the NBA 2K holiday as the guys.

Here are four reasons girlfriends all around the country are cringing at the release of NBA 2K15.

1. They feel as if they are coming second place


The only thing that has a guy’s attention on 2K release date is NBA2K. It will take over his Instagram posts, everyday conversations and attention. If his roommate challenges him to a game, be prepared not to have contact with him for hours.

Any plans your boyfriend may have already had, including with you, will be put on pause. Sorry, girls; we promise hanging out will be that much better if we at least get the win.

2. Delayed message responses


Ladies, if you thought your boyfriend was already not the best texter, don’t expect improvement during the NBA 2K release date. No guy wants to be the one to pause the game every two minutes to respond to a text, especially during a heated game in the last minute of the fourth quarter.

The only one who won’t be feeling the thrill will be the girlfriend.

3. Boredom


Your boyfriend, your best friend and your better half may have a new best friend for at least the next 24 hours. It will be his Xbox or Playstation.

You could be in the room while he is playing, and there is a chance he may have forgotten you were there. The only way you’re getting your guy back is if you steal the controller. Wherever the controller is, he is sure to be close.

4. No love


He’ll have more love for his team if he cruises through the association mode winning a championship, than he will for you during the honeymoon stages of him and his NBA 2K obsession. Ultimately, you should be rooting for him!

Don’t take it personally; you know he still loves you.

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