A Miami Store Owner Installed Video Cameras To Protect Customers And Employees From The Police

1. Quickstop store owner Alex Saleh recently installed 16 security cameras in his store in Miami, but it’s not to catch criminals, it’s to catch cops.

CBS Miami / Via miamiherald.com

The problems began after Saleh agreed to participate in a “zero tolerance” program aimed at reducing crime. The Miami Herald reports that via the program, police are given “broad powers to stop and arrest people who appear to be loitering or trespassing at the participating business.”

2. Saleh alleges that police officers constantly harass his customers and employees, in particluar store clerk Earl Sampson.

CBS Miami / Via miamiherald.com

Sampson has been stopped by cops 258 times in the past four years and issued 62 citations for trespassing at the store where he works. Surveillance footage posted by the Miami Herald shows Sampson being arrested by police immediately after taking out the garbage during his shift.

3. Repeat: Sampson has been stopped by cops 258 times in the past four years.

4. Armed with about a dozen videotapes showing cops harassing employees, customers, and performing illegal searches in his store, Saleh is preparing to file a federal civil rights lawsuit.

5. “To me, these people are like my family,” says Saleh.

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