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13 responses to “Adorable”

  1. catsonacid says:

    And you and you and you and you and you.

  2. Overlysensitiveaboutraceissues says:

    Cute, he’s like a wind up toy!!

  3. YallMothafuckasNeedCheeses says:

    Bow down, minions!

  4. toapadge says:

    Hey World!! Look at me wave!!

  5. stashfrog says:

    Thankfully that escalator didn’t break down, or else he would have been stuck there wiggling his paws for hours!

  6. SoThenIToldThem says:

    the guy’s smile at the end *swoon*

  7. sereri says:

    High-fiving a million angels

  8. lem4lin says:

    Today, imgur’s homepage feels like we’re in /r/aww…

  9. TheBoeshanePeninsula says:

    Well isn’t that just the most goddamn adorable thing I’ve seen all day.

  10. jaimsvanderbeek says:

    Whats up? Whats up? Whats up? Hottie overload man!

  11. aroundtheworldin80lays says:

    I’m listening to Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone and the puppy is perfectly synced with the Djembe or whatever in background. Try it!

  12. Estoppel says:

    Stormtroopa…stormtroopa…stormtroopa…*sigh*…go f* yourself…

  13. Jessi840 says:

    I don’t know which is more cute: the dog or the grin on the guy.

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