Big Brother is Always Watching

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Big Brother is Always Watching

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19 responses to “Big Brother is Always Watching”

  1. CouldBeWorseButterfly says:

    That’s a cat. That’s a cat.

  2. SammyHam says:


  3. NCGunFreak says:

    I would be scared shitless by that cat on a daily basis.

  4. goodsourceofpotassium says:

    Fixtures and fittings cat is watching you masturbate

  5. Mintyo says:

    plot twist: cat head on a stick

  6. DMKgames says:

    Soon. Not yet. Not now either. But soonish.

  7. DoodlinSlacker says:

    So when it’s dark do you just see floating eyes slightly above objects?

  8. OmegasParadox says:

    MILO!! WHAT are you doing in OPs house! Get home… oh that is not my cat. Carry on

  9. foxtrotcorsair says:

    Oh no! Not the kitchen! People eat in there!

  10. karmakarmkarmakarmakarmachameleon says:

    Odd name for a cat.

  11. PocketSmith says:

    TIL: kittens can operate cameras.

  12. DavesDebbiesandSlagathor says:

    He’s like Santa, always watching and leaves you presents, so long as you provide him with food. I don’t like his presents as much though

  13. neobadbeat says:

    anatidCATephobia – irrational fear that one is being watched by a cat

  14. buymeataco says:

    That cat has planned your demise. Be careful OP

  15. ShortGiant says:

    But I eat from there!

  16. SaintAnger says:

    Leave the cat alone. Let it masturbate in peace.

  17. SpaceSpeed says:

    Gentlemen to bed, for tomorrow we rise at daybreak, and we battle…at 9:30…ish

  18. LoopNaai says:

    Plot twist, OP doesn’t have a cat.

  19. Gijake says:

    R.I.P, OP.

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