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10 responses to “Bloop”

  1. ipv6freely says:

    This is pretty damn cool, OP.

  2. DreadZeppelin says:

    Zoomable GIF? Wow. colour me impressed and blue and yellow while you’re at it.

  3. Webwanda says:

    Cant stop watching, gotta know where that blob comes from….

  4. PirateNori says:

    Ukrainian politics.

  5. ImNotWhoIThinkYouBelieveIAmUnlessIActuallyAmThenForgetIt says:

    perfect boop =)

  6. ImNotWhoIThinkYouBelieveIAmUnlessIActuallyAmThenForgetIt says:

    I want to eat it

  7. silkyslim says:

    That is modern art

  8. nevertrustabunny says:

    Why does this make me think of pimples.

  9. Protectoredring says:

    Tiny dot = Crimea

  10. shewouldcrapherlululemons says:

    boop, boop, cut, drop boop, boop

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