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11 responses to “Cat-atonic”

  1. wakka901 says:

    “That’s not my tail”

  2. DanceComander says:

    Oh, cross eyed Siamese kitties.

  3. moarpics says:

    It’s a trap.

  4. Limpan37 says:

    Eyes went half derp. Tail went full derp.

  5. HaveYouTriedTurningItOffandOnAgain says:

    He wants you to think he wants a belly rub. He will just scratch the shit out of you if you fall for it.

  6. awildsmurf says:

    he went as a mummy for halloween

  7. RavioliRavioliGiveMeTheFormuoli says:

    Obligatory, “Paint me like one of your French girls.”

  8. MachineGunEtiquette says:

    The carpet indeed matches the drapes/fur.

  9. LightOfTheBattlefield says:

    It’s like when Scar jumped over the flames

  10. raoulduke25 says:

    He’s just having a Siamese Dream.

  11. fanficaddict says:

    This is all part of my subtle plan to maul your hand to shreds. Come human, come closer…

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