Check Out Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan In New British Thriller ‘Alleycats’

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Cycling isn’t all about middle-aged men in lycra, and new thriller Alleycats will have you feeling as tense as Bradley Wiggins in the Tour De France.

The first film to explore the underground world of real road bike racing – which apparently happens in most UK cities, don’t ask me, I spend most of my life underground on the tube – “Alleycats” tells the story of a group of bikers who find themselves in a spot of bother after one of their pals witnesses an MP committing murder.

A crowdfunded project, the film stars Rizzle Kick’s Jordan Stephens, John Hannah and other upcoming British talent such as Eleanor Tomlinson, Josh Whitehouse and Sam Keeley.

Alleycats is a thriller that firmly has the stabilizers off.

Check out the trailer here:

Coming in August.

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