Chinese restaurant thanking Jewish people.

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Chinese restaurant thanking Jewish people.

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18 responses to “Chinese restaurant thanking Jewish people.”

  1. TheRicM says:

    Grammar is too good for me to believe this

  2. AllHailSatan says:

    And God said, “Let there be 40 different kinds of meat dishes!”

  3. TheLordGosh says:


  4. easybakeoven says:

    Fly lice*

  5. Magnivore says:

    We are not Jewish and we get Chinese food every Christmas. It’s become a tradition.

  6. ViceJesus says:

    Plum sauce is great. Hoisen sauce on pan-fried pork dumplings is my favorite food ever.

  7. sippitsparingly says:

    I wanted Chinese food one Christmas and couldn’t find a single place open. Must be a regional thing.

  8. caake says:


  9. TheCrazyDogLady says:

    My non-Jewish family tradition is to get Chinese on Xmas cause none of us can cook except for my mom and it’s not fair to make her cook two

  10. TheCrazyDogLady says:

    Major meals within a month span

  11. ntello93 says:

    I still read it as “happy haridays”

  12. pontiacgirl75 says:

    I love fried chicken too! but Im not American or black!

  13. referenced says:


  14. referenced says:

    Sounds it.

  15. shadowex3 says:

    My place closes. But red baron was buy 1 get 1 free at Winn Dixie so there’s that.

  16. stevetehpirate says:

    Word up. JEW Unit for life!

  17. whoisthecaptain says:


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