Community Post: 10 Things McFly Must Do In The Next 10 Years

1. Release another album…

Release another album...

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This may seem obvious but the last time McFly released a fully new album (we’re not including the Greatest Hits) was in 2010!! Hopefully we’ll get to listen to their newest album before the year is out…

2. Achieve another Number One Single

With 7 Number Ones McFly certainly don’t need to prove themselves to anybody but wouldn’t it be great if they could nab another (number) one?

3. Break the US

McFly have a HUGE number of fans in the US but still haven’t quite matched the level of success they have in the UK over the pond, maybe now is their time?

4. Write a Musical

McFly are amazingly talented and the music they churn out is incredible – wouldn’t it be amazing if they wrote their own musical? We all know Tom’s up to the job…

5. Do a Duet

Can you imagine McFly teaming up with another epic band or singer? They collaborated with Taio Cruz on Shine a Light so we know it’s something they’d consider…

6. Get Tom to do Reality TV

Harry did Strictly, Danny did Popstar to Operastar and Dougie was on I’m a Celebrity…Tom needs to do a reality show, even if it is just so that we stop watching his epic ‘The Cube’ episode…Celebrity Masterchef Tom?

7. Record an Acoustic Album

One thing hundreds of McFly fans love to do is check out the acoustic versions of McFly songs online, what could be better than a McFly acoustic album for binge-listening to Tom and Danny harmonizing?

8. Record the Theme Tune to an Epic Movie

McFly have featured on many a film soundtrack but can you imagine how amazing it would be if they recorded the main theme of a truly epic movie? We’re talking Oscar winning, Titanic-esque, we’ll-be-sick-of-hearing-this-song-ten-years-down-the-line epicness here – it would be INSANE!

9. Add an Orchestra

McFly are awesome with just guitars and drums but some of their most epic songs and performances feature a whole host of fellow instruments – the strings in Down Goes Another One anybody? The big band in Star Girl? Most recently the saxophone featuring in their live version of Room on the Third Floor and the violinist featured in Love is on the Radio prove that double the instruments = double the awesomeness

10. Do a World Tour

What better way to showcase the awesome talent that is McFly? With fans all over the world this would be the most incredible tour ever and just the ticket for McFly to get the recognition they deserve!

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