Community Post: 20 Signs You Are Actually Jimmy Fallon

1. Justin Timberlake is your bestie (in your head).

20 Signs You Are Actually Jimmy Fallon

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2. You have a legitimate fear of animals that aren’t cats or dogs.

But you try to play off this fear by making awkward and unintentional sexy faces when they come into contact with you. / Via NBC

Little do people know that you’re quickly dying on the inside.

3. When you’re confident that the joke you just told to a group of random people at a party was the best they’d probably ever heard, you do this:

4. Anytime you see an attractive person, you are not capable of reacting in a socially acceptable way, so you do what you do best:

5. When you’re sassy, you’re SASSY.

6. You exude sex whenever you walk into a room. Like, to the point where people can’t even be in the vicinity of you, let alone have a conversation with you.

I mean, DAMN!

7. You’re so sexy that you’ve designated one day a week where you just release all of your sexy energy onto the entire universe. That day is Friday. / Via NBC

Well, duh.

8. But, you never forget what’s the sexiest thing of all.

9. A dance-off is a perfectly valid and sensible way to settle any argument.

10. You’ve come to terms with the fact that you can’t actually sing, so you’ve mastered the art of lip-syncing. / Via NBC

It’s a serious passion of yours.

And TBH, you’re damn good at it. / Via NBC

(Insert pop star name here) ain’t got nothin’ on you!

11. You’re the master of inventing games that are a bit self-deprecating, but you just so happen not to give any fucks.

A little Egg Russian Roulette never hurt nobody. MAYBE.

12. And you actually quite enjoy the attention you get from playing said games. / Via NBC

The more ridiculous, the better.

13. You have an affinity for any game that will get you to your “happy place.”

(i.e., any game that will get you shit faced in the least amount of time possible).

14. You do a mean celeb impression:

15. But you’re exceptionally good at one celeb impression in particular. / Via NBC

16. You are the product of your parents’ impeccable parenting skills. Politeness becomes you!

Writing ‘Thank you’ notes is a lost art. You should be proud!

17. Handshakes? Yeah, you shouldn’t participate in such activity. / Via NBC

Not your thing.

18. On numerous occasions, you’ve embarrassed your friends and loved ones by your lack of dancing skills. / Via NBC

19. When all else fails at the club, you stick with what you know.

20. But you don’t care what anyone thinks because you know you’re the epitome of dopeness. / Via NBC

Yes, yes y’all!

So keep doing you!

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