Community Post: 32 Things Every Gamer Should Know Before Playing “Grand Theft Auto 5”

1. There are sites to help you with your in-game stocks throughout the day.

This site gives real-time updates.

4. All of the cheat codes have been found.

You can find them here.

5. Kenny Powers has a show on Blaine County Radio.

6. These are the rivals you should be aware of when investing.

7. This is what the actors for the three main characters look like.

8. You can go cow tipping.

9. Or do this with the cows…if that’s what you’re into.

10. Here’s the location of a boat with scuba gear on it.

11. Here’s the location of a helicopter with rockets.

12. The Bugatti Veryon can be found here.

13. This is the basic layout of the map.

14. The best sports cars can be found at this spot on the map.

15. The golfing is extremely realistic: in that it’s hard as crap.

16. The roller coaster design is rather…suggestive.

17. There’s a removable yoga ball in Michael’s living room.

18. You can tow a tow truck that’s towing a tow truck that’s towing a truck.

19. These and rumble strips are the most satisfying part of driving.

20. When compared to Liberty City, this game is huge.

21. This is the special edition map, with all of the UV light secrets added.

22. You can find paranormal events and see UFOs at these locations.

23. There’s a ghost on Mt. Gordo that appears from midnight to 1 a.m.

24. Tourists actually pull out the same maps as the game.

25. Taking care of Chop will become a hassle.

26. You will end up spending a lot of money “making it rain” at the strip club.

27. Revving engine next to sports car at a stop light will result in a street race.

28. If you survive a 5-Star police chase, your car will probably look like this.

29. You can place your Jet Ski in a pool.

30. Your car will get dirty if you drive it off-road.

31. The last vehicle you’ve driven gets parked outside your house.

32. You can use a truck to carry your bike.

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