Community Post: Freedom Of Speech: Explained Thru GIFS

1. Freedom of Speech is Fantastic

Freedom Of Speech: Explained Thru GIFS

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Most of us can agree on this one. It’s pretty freaking awesome

2. It’s Even In The Number One Amendment

As we all know, being number one is the best!

3. It Even Has A Bunch Of Cool Friends

The First Amendment isn’t just freedom of speech, it’s also freedom of religion, freedom of the press and freedom to assemble.

4. It’s Basically the Fonzie of the First Amendment

When talking about freedom of speech many people just say “First Amendment”, like when Fonzie took over Happy Days!

5. But The Freedom of Speech Isn’t Bulletproof

Like the best Swiss Cheese, it has some holes in it.

6. For Example:

You can’t threaten to kill the president, or anyone else for that matter. This, of course, is also known as verbal assault. It’s illegal.

Plagiarism: Not protected by the First Amendment

Neither is lying (especially when it involves commercial products)

And there is a whole list of other thing that also aren’t protected by the First Amendment: child pornography, obscenity, slander, libel, “fighting words” (for real), and much more.

10. Well That’s Fine, But I Can Say Anything Else I Want And Nothing Can Happen To Me Right?

Not Exactly

11. Let’s Take A Look At That Duck Dynasty Dude

You Know, The One With The Beard

12. As You Know He Said Some Messed Up Nonsense Recently

And got put on probation for it

13. And Many Conservatives Went Ballistic

14. Apparently His First Amendment Rights Were Being Violated

Once again, nope!

15. Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Protect You From Repercussions

He can’t legally get in trouble, he didn’t threaten anybody in a specific believable way, but that doesn’t mean nothing will happen to him, outside the legal system

16. You Can Still Get Legally Fired For Saying Dumb Things

Like calling your boss “an asshole”, constantly harassing other employees or putting your company in a bad light by, you know, saying “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

17. So The Next Time Someone Tries To Tell You Phil Robertson Shouldn’t Be Fired

Just Remember: Freedom of speech is like the best Swiss Cheeses, full of holes. Or show them this list, whatever.

18. For Further Reading

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