Community Post: The Evolution Of Your Diet

1. You start off with the good stuff.

You start off with the good stuff.

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If only all free food was so good for you.

2. When you’re Mom finally cuts off the supply and your separation anxiety issues begin.

3. Then there’s the glorious day you discover Nutella.

4. For the next 20 years your diet will consist of a combination of these…

5. …and these…

Fact: all hot girls like Capri Sun.

6. …and the cheesy goodness of love that will never leave you.

7. In college, you’ll add this…

8. …and lots and lots of this.

9. Finally you hit 25 and can afford to expand your palate.

10. But only one day a week.

11. Eventually you will find yourself one of these.

12. And every meal will look like this.

14. One day you will get old.

15. And all your meals will look like this again.

Mmm… mashed colors.

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