Community Post: The Greatest Golden Globes Moments Ever

1. When Lara Flyn Boyle wore this:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

In 2001.

2. When Paz de la Huerta partied too hard:

In 2011.

3. When Audrey Hepburn thanked a lot of people very quickly:

In 1990 (at 2:45).

4. When these guys reunited:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images


Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


6. When Mickey Rooney and Macaulay Culkin presented together:

7. When Ricky Gervais hosted for three years in a row:

8. For instance, in 2011:

9. Johnny Depp’s face during this joke:

10. Then, in 2012:

12. When Elizabeth Taylor didn’t know how to present awards:

13. When they had a New Star of the Year Award:

For many years, this was a thing that sometimes more than one person won. In 1983, Ben Kingsley was the last man to receive the award, at the age of 39.

14. When Whoopi Goldberg won for “The Color Purple” and Oprah applauded like this:

In 1986.

15. That year, Whoopi wore this:

Ron Galella / WireImage / Getty Images

16. When Robert Downey Jr. and Emma Stone had this moment:

In 2011.

17. When Jeff Daniels looked like this:

In 1986.

18. When Natalie Portman said of her fiance, “He totally wants to sleep with me!” and then laughed really weird:

In 2011.

19. When Nicole Kidman won Best Actress for “To Die For” and said this:

In 1996.

20. When Estelle Getty and Cybill Shepherd tied for Best Actress in a Televison show, Comedy or Musical:

Cybill was the only non-Golden Girl nominated in the category.

21. She wore huge glasses:

22. When Drew Barrymore explained how awards shows worked:

In 1983.

23. Julie Andrews loved it:

24. When Ted Danson got a “fear boner”:


25. When Bette Midler channeled Joan Crawford and said, “I’ll show you a pair of golden globes”:

In 1980.

26. When Angelina Jolie still brought her brother to award shows:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

In 1999.

27. When Christine Lahti was in the bathroom when she won her award:

In 1998.

29. When “Burlesque” was nominated for three awards:

It won Best Original Song in 2011.

30. When Brendan Fraiser did that weird clap:

In 2010.

31. When Jennifer Aniston won and Brad Pitt looked like this:

In 2003. Long live the middle part!

32. When Emma Thompson channeled Jane Austen:

In 1995.

33. When Chris Colfer looked shocked and got kissed:

In 2011.

34. When Meryl Streep won for “Sophie’s Choice” and Kevin Kline accepted her award for her:

In 1983.

35. When Colin Firth kissed Meryl Streep:

In 2012.

36. And when Meryl was just so Meryl:

40. Happy Golden Globes!

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