Crazy Footage Shows Wind So Powerful, It Blows A Waterfall Backward

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We humans tend to think we’re pretty f*cking fantastic. But the truth is, Mother Nature has us beat in a major way.

No matter how many buildings we build or rivers we dam, we can’t really control the forces of nature.

As a reminder of that, check out this video.

The waterfall featured in it, 80-foot Kinder Downfall in England, is almost completely stopped from flowing by the force of the wind. Imagine that: The wind is so strong that it blows the water backwards and stops it from falling like it’s supposed to.


What I don’t understand is how anyone managed to catch this footage without being blown away into the ravine below.

If the wind was strong enough to make a waterfall go against gravity, you’d think it’d be strong enough to knock a man over.

Regardless, it’s really mind-blowing (pun intended).

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