Dad joke

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Dad joke

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12 responses to “Dad joke”

  1. Merkel91 says:

    Do you not understand ‘dad jokes?’

  2. Bluemarlinjoe says:

    This (looks pretty) funny (if you know what I mean) – premature encapsulation

  3. theirrisponsiblecaptain says:


  4. Chouilste says:

    The Dad is strong within this one.

  5. RoonilWazlib says:

    Is your dad Ted Mosby?

  6. Texaggie2012 says:

    You’re not from around here are you??

  7. bendetta227 says:

    I laughed before I finished reading. Premature laughulation

  8. fearie says:

    We couldn’t throw our caps cause it was a health hazard… sadness

  9. incinerator1990 says:

    Thats a little more off color than dads usual jokes.

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