Damn it Mercy, did you even look at the card?

Damn it Mercy, did you even look at the card?

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/EFhTv

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12 responses to “Damn it Mercy, did you even look at the card?”

  1. TheGoogleWhisperer says:

    Ok. I needed the Red Box

  2. TheGoogleWhisperer says:

    Well, I could use a laugh when I’m sad. I think this would honestly work. Especially if my best friend did it, and I’m sure she would.

  3. jennaside says:

    Mercy is the office bitch.

  4. identicalWorlds says:

    It’s funnier without a red box.

  5. lindserrific says:

    +1 for Benn with 2 N’s and his awesome comic strip penmanship.

  6. ignishin says:

    I find “sorry for loss” by Kim to be much more insulting. It’s like Kim didn’t care enough to spend those extra 1.2 seconds to write “your”.

  7. somenarrator says:

    Had someone do that before for the exact same situation. The solution is to turn that into a drawing.

  8. helloworld77 says:

    How to keep an imgurian busy! what would you do without the red box?

  9. Talmorean says:

    Gettin real tired of your shit, Mercy…Real tired.

  10. loshea says:

    Damn it, Mercy. You had ONE job!

  11. ScoobyDooWhereAreYou says:

    Ethan put “Our condolences on your lust”, so Mercy wasn’t the only one not paying attention!

  12. Vaith says:

    The recipient of this card has just been diagnosed with Nymphomania. She’s a nun.

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