Disturbing images from inside cars destroyed in accidents [20 pictures]

There is an unfortunately fitting lifeless silence to the imagery inĀ Nicolai Howalt’s series “Car Crash Studies,”

(via It’s Nice That)

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8 responses to “Disturbing images from inside cars destroyed in accidents [20 pictures]”

  1. Metropony says:

    I think what Melissa meant to say was, “Wow, these situations are horrific. My son was fortunate enough to survive an accident that with even more substantial damage to his car.”

  2. B says:

    Unfortunately I think that’s rather doubtful. When cigarette companies started putting pictures on the packaging that show the effects of smoking, it seemed to do little to deter people. If anything, people just got offended that it was “too graphic” instead of heeding the warning. I suspect it would be much the same with car wreck photos.

  3. Kellie says:

    I was just happy to not see any blood stains!

  4. B says:

    I don’t think that anyone was trying to make a competition out of this. I’m not sure why you almost sound offended. Just be grateful your son survived, yes?

  5. Melissa Slater says:

    These aren’t crap. The inside of the car my son lived through was 10 times worse than any of these.

  6. willow_kidd says:

    The 10th picture down, is that hair hanging off the windshield? Someone was not wearing a seat-belt. What amazed me from all of these was the lack of blood.

  7. Corban says:

    Given the number of manual transmissions, these must be from Europe.

  8. Lauren says:

    Are these pictures kind of old, or are the cars old? I was surprised how many didn’t have airbags coming out of the steering wheel/passenger dash.

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