Domino’s Is Watching You, Thanks To This Creepy New Tracking System

If you thought Domino’s and Facebook had nothing in common, think again.Like Facebook, Domino’s will soonkeep track of peoplein ways that literally no one asked them to.

According to Bloomberg’s Angus Whitley, starting next week the popular pizza company will begin tracking customers who order pizzas. Whitley saysthis will allow Domino’s to improve itscustomerservice.

Here’s how it will work. When someoneorders a pizza usingtheir cell phone, stores will be able to track those phones and keep tabs on how close a person is before picking up their pizza. Once a customer is within a certain range, employees willstart heating up the pizza so the foodis ready at exactly the right time.

At a press conference in Sydney, Domino’s CEO Don Meij said,

Time is the enemy of food.The longer it sits on the rack, the lower the quality of that pizza.

Bloomberg’s report also says that Domino’s technology will be able to tell whether a customer is walking, biking or driving.

But don’t worry! Dominoes says it will only follow you like a shadow between the time you order and pick up your food, and everyone knows you can totally trust companies to stick to their non-legally binding word. Right?

There’s literally nothing to worry about. We’re alljustthat little bit closer toevery company havinga reason to know where we are. All in the name of better customer service, obviously.

Apart from that, we’re good.

Asfor any Americans that are spooked,there’s good news. This policy will only be used in Australia by Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd, different from Domino’s Pizza, Inc., which is headquartered in the US.

So, Big Brother won’t be watching us in the States, at least not while we orderpizza.

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