Drinking is bad for you…

…and that includes drinking water, according to the 1882 book Every Day Home Advice and The Practical Business of Life, Containing The Best and Most Practical Advice in Household Management

(via Questionable Advice)

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4 responses to “Drinking is bad for you…”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    There might be something to it, though. Lots of water dilutes the stomach acid, making it more difficult and take longer to digest food, which means the acid is in your stomach longer, which leads to gastric reflux, for which are prescribed medicines to make your stomach produce less acid, which just exacerbates the problem. There, that’s my crackpot theory of the day.I wonder if gastric reflux was such a widespread problem in the days of yore (25 years ago) when people weren’t convinced they were chronically dehydrated and had to drink water ALL THE TIME?

  2. Tru Samuels says:

    You sound just like my husband, who goes nowhere without his bottle of water. It drives me nuts!!!!

  3. trololololol says:

    all of itthose people of 2045 will look back and stumble upon articles about coffee being bad for you. while they laugh because they survive on caffeine alone.

  4. Stephen May says:

    I tend to take the opposite perspective. “Axiom: the best place to conserve water is in your body. It keeps your energy up. You’re stronger.”

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