Every time someone tells me something is a “fact”.


Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/6norCAc

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14 responses to “Every time someone tells me something is a “fact”.”

  1. BananasEverywhere says:

    We should just Futurama our trash. Shoot that shit into space on a giant rocket and not think about the consequences.

  2. TheRicM says:

    Wait this isn’t the facts with the pretty women

  3. Aramahn says:

    This is how every argument went before google and smartphones.

  4. dirtymuffinsnake says:

    I’m drunk and this logic is sound

  5. Aramahn says:

    Genuinely laughed out loud. Thanks.

  6. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    Not to mention Mac’s compelling argument about evolution.

  7. JakeBasil says:

    I would like pretty women… NSFFW PARTY!!! http://imgur.com/vKjSu8n

  8. pilgrim505 says:

    Yep, legit chuckle

  9. Tediri says:

    Well I have always wanted to make a contribution to the galaxy!

  10. TheRicM says:

    Well that escalated pretty fucking quickly http://i.imgur.com/vIXiXWz.gif

  11. jazzyh says:

    Everyone knows smoke turns into genies who help us when we fall over spider lagoon spinglecherry.

  12. JakeBasil says:

    I like this. You’re a good person. In this very limited, but expressive fashion.

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