Fat bastard

Fat bastard

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16 responses to “Fat bastard”

  1. 7wholemarijuanas says:

    he would be running more than three miles if he at my middle cinnamon roll

  2. ItsAWonderfulDayForPie says:

    Self-induced and welcomed sugar coma* lol

  3. Thrishmal says:

    You talk like that is a lot…

  4. tmayer says:

    I’m afraid you dont even know the definition of what a fat dog really is.

  5. TheGloryofLori says:

    me too… well I should have

  6. MrJohn says:

    “Me too” can be said by only a select few.

  7. notoriousmeow says:

    I ate twelve cinnamon rolls because I ran three miles

  8. dingdongthewitchisdead says:

    i exercised my right forearm today… 3 times.

  9. TurtlenecksAndApplesauce says:

    If I had an owner like you, I’d probably be fit enough to survive a zombie attack.

  10. chrisat928 says:

    The dog I can believe ate 12 cinnamon rolls at one sitting. Any humans posting they did the same are liars.

  11. snuzzled says:


  12. LouiseWilding says:

    He doesn’t look fat but he sounds rather athletic

  13. fraxxxi says:

    nephropathy is an awesome sounding word

  14. nanagrandmaaa says:

    I was drunk last night. Forgive me.

  15. sighnomore says:

    good job, dog. I ate so many brownies that I thought I was going to pass out.

  16. QWTFODDBALL says:

    Dog is like “i love you human but leave me the fuck alone”

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