Finally, I'm a beautiful butterfly!

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Finally, I'm a beautiful butterfly!

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13 responses to “Finally, I'm a beautiful butterfly!”

  1. Cambric says:

    That zipper is a fuckin champ.

  2. TheBlackWindHowls says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this trend of photographing strangers and then insulting them on a public space without their knowledge.

  3. idonotthinkmyusernamemeanswhatyouthinkitmeans says:


  4. BishopofHippo93 says:

    It’s mean, but I laughed.

  5. AnthonyNapkins says:

    mrw she tries to show me her other tattoos:

  6. TheBlackWindHowls says:

    Actually, I know how I feel: It’s a dick thing to do.

  7. PhtevenMcBel says:

    Yes. Yes you are.

  8. jmeyers1983 says:

    Caterpillar wore it better.

  9. CrowCaller says:

    Taking pictures of people without their knowledge and posting them on the internet. You sound like a champ.

  10. Im2BetaToBeRelevant says:

    What’s that girl in the mirror staring at though…

  11. Elonth says:

    ah fat shaming…. if it was a guy everyone would laugh and laugh and think its funny. but because its a girl the bashers will get bashed 2

  12. TheKrazyKrab says:

    Pointless tattos irk me

  13. DirtyHobo says:

    You da MVP

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