First world problems


First world problems

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15 responses to “First world problems”

  1. YouActLikeICare says:

    April 5th? A little late posting this, no?

  2. BurgerWolf says:

    That’s an easy million views.

  3. shootsandleaves says:

    The squirrel’s gone nuts.

  4. CommonWhiteGirl says:


  5. Sharknado says:

    He does have a point…

  6. pgtips465 says:

    Must. Think. Of. Comment. For. Front. Page. Gold.

  7. NonchalantCow says:

    Who the fucks is up at 6:52a.m. recording shit and posting it to YouTube?

  8. TadpoleHitler says:

    It’s not like he has to worry about the squirrel trying to take his nuts since he clearly has none.

  9. bustyblonde says:

    Im always afraid ill be caught doing something moronic on film and end up an internet sensation

  10. YouAreANoob says:

    The Harold Place squirrel has almost 500,000 subscribers

  11. Channel4NewsTeam says:

    That’s nuts.

  12. imobviouslynotwadjet says:

    well he’s not wrong

  13. WhatUpMyNinjas says:

    I’m afraid I’ll be caught making an idiotic comment on Imgur and be fucked for eternity.

  14. PeytonISTHEMANning says:

    And instead his story is recorded and posted on imgur.

  15. ahhyeahalex says:

    Who would do such a thing? An annoying neighbor?

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