found this little guy squeaking in my back yard.

found this little guy squeaking in my back yard.

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16 responses to “found this little guy squeaking in my back yard.”

  1. thaxted2imgur says:

    looks like he just saw the Movie Gigot were the baker would only give Jackie day old cookie cause he was too stupid to appreciate pastry.

  2. christaleuning says:

    awww poor little kitty! give him cuddles!

  3. SweetBabyJesus says:

    give him a bath and let us see how nice he cleans up!

  4. HatsAreEssential says:

    Finding a kitten in your back yard = best day ever.

  5. Supernerdtastic says:

    If you have it, contact solution on a cotton ball helps with his eyes. Keep an eye out for Ma tho, cats do not abandon their young :C

  6. saoirshe says:

    the fact you did this makes me SMILE,

  7. britmai says:

    stop taking pictures and give him a bath and some food!

  8. janetspots says:

    I don’t know if I should boop, dawww, squeeeee or complain about onions here.

  9. Kittendoodles says:

    I’ll take him!

  10. rylecx says:

    Where do all these people find these adorable animals! It sucks this poor little guy was all alone but now he’s safe. Pet and give treats

  11. SilverTwirl says:


  12. retardedmoose says:

    Oooh, is that photo for coloring?

  13. MissMamie says:

    I can haz sad :…(

  14. Itreboboog says:

    soulsucking wall-eyed nugget of evil. dont give in

  15. StaglBagl says:

    Finally, a picture of an animal that actually looked like it had been rescued!

  16. crackediphone says:

    The hell is going on in that picture there, buddy?

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