Found this while browsing the Internet, I want it.

Found this while browsing the Internet, I want it.

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17 responses to “Found this while browsing the Internet, I want it.”

  1. SirCumferencetheFlatulent says:

    I’ve always wanted to say “That’s my fetish,” but sadly, this is not mine.

  2. puddlejumper says:

    Wants it for…. science.

  3. IChangeMyUsernameWayTooMuchForThisToBeHealthy says:

    Sex, actually

  4. XIXXXVIVIII says:

    I want to tickle it.

  5. bakelitsan says:

    Try to be more open to new experiences 😉

  6. cjrh1997 says:

    I’ll give you a nickel if you tickel my yodeling pickle.

  7. chronous says:

    Hey I own one of these!

  8. whatdoesitmean says:

    May I ask, why? I’m curious how the process went.

  9. bootywhap says:

    I actually got to try one of those

  10. chronous says:

    I saw it on Amazon one day and thought it would be funny to own one. When I have guests over I like to show them my pickle.

  11. Tuffgoat says:

    this is the most elaborate pickle dildo I have ever seen

  12. captainseasick says:

    And a SteelSeries mousepad too, apparently.

  13. iUseFakeInformationOnTheInternet says:

    I love me some pickles.

  14. tyconle says:

    Nice. But when do you show them this toy?

  15. AjaxTheLesser says:

    I don’t know why I clicked on that. Why do I want to see your pickle?

  16. ImaMercifulGOD says:

    Just imagine yodelling sounds comming out of your vag. I don’t know why, but find this very funny.

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