Fox News Thinks The Most Important Thing Jay Z Has Done Is Sell Crack

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Daniel Barry/Office of the Governor Daniel Barry/Office of the Governor

Daniel Barry/Office of the Governor

Fox News gets a lot of hate from a lot of people, which probably has something to do with the fact that someone affiliated with the channel has said something bafflingly idiotic on an incredibly consistent basis.

At this point, it’s not a matter of if Fox News is going to put out something incredibly stupid — we’re really just waiting to see if the channel can manage to top its most recent crime against basic reporting standards with something even dumber.

Depending on where your priorities lie, you probably know Jay Z as one of the most influential rappers ever to pick up a microphone, a former part-owner of an NBA team or Beyoncé’s husband.

When Fox News covered his recent meeting with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss police reform in light of recent incidents, someone there decided to go with this headline:


You can make the argument that Admitted Former Crack Dealer Jay-Z™ has a criminal past that’s relevant to the matters being discussed, and I’d almost be convinced if the article didn’t spend more time talking about his time selling crack in Brooklyn than the meeting itself.

I’ve been trying to understand why anyone thought this headline would be a good idea (besides the fact that it’s one of the most “Fox News” things Fox News has ever done), but I’m guessing whoever did it is just mad.

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