Gave me the lol´s


Gave me the lol´s

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16 responses to “Gave me the lol´s”

  1. michellelalala says:


  2. deejayjewlz says:

    This only works if your girlfriend is under the age of 12

  3. carewyllie says:

    Or make sure all your sex is non-consentual. Because when sex really isn’t consentual, the female body has ways of preventing pregnancy.

  4. QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension says:


  5. FutureImpact says:

    Does the sperm get jet lagged as well?

  6. mikecapro says:

    yup, smallpox is a fucking asshole

  7. ThatJohnDenverGuyIsFullOfShit says:

    If your sperm sleeps for more than 4 hours, you should contact your doctor.

  8. MissRenegadeRabbit says:


  9. GreenEggsAndSpam says:

    Buttsex is equally as effective as abstinence…..look it up, it’s on the internet…and the internet doesn’t lie

  10. aricaman says:

    lol´s …

  11. DameJoi says:

    And, under no circumstances, should you accept blankets from it either.

  12. TheShiningFucksWithYourBrainOnLevelsThatShouldntBeFuckedWith says:

    Y no upvotes!

  13. SihayaOfTheAllPowerfulMeh says:


  14. GrahamPaige says:

    either have I… but m wife has. does that count?

  15. HappinessIsStrange says:

    Adoption is great :)

  16. FatBastardVegetarian says:

    This line was on “Suburgatory” last night.

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