Girl With Autism Wanted A Shirt That Was Discontinued, So The Internet Responded In Epic Fashion

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When Deborah Grimshaw Skouson’s daughter Camilla grew out of her favorite shirt, she didn’t know what to do. Camilla has autism and she’d been fixated on that one particular flowery garment since she was in kindergarten, but the line was discontinued by Target in 2012.

Fortunately the internet was there to save the day, because when Deborah, from Utah, took to Facebook to ask for help, Her post was quickly shared almost 5,000 times before being shared an additional 13,000 times on popular Facebook page Love What Matters. Before she knew it, Deborah didn’t just have a new replacement for Camilla’s favorite shirt – she had 78 of them!

When Camilla grew out of her favorite shirt, her mom Deborah didn’t know what to do

Camilla has autism and she’d been fixated on this flowery dress from Target since kindergarten

But Target discontinued the dress in 2012, so Deborah turned to the internet for help

And the internet responded by sending 78 shirts for Camilla!

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