Green eyed snow leopard

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Green eyed snow leopard

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14 responses to “Green eyed snow leopard”

  1. Kalidak says:

    Yes it is

  2. anotherpersonhere says:

    That beautiful creature would eat me in a nanosecond…

  3. Cambric says:

    It would be so badass if large cats were domesticated. Walkin down the street with a black panther on a leash.

  4. anotherpersonhere says:

    Not in the fun way, obviously, but in the murderous way

  5. mycatisthebombdotcom says:

    Did you know there are only 3,500 snow leopards left in the wild? SadCatFacts.

  6. Abso says:

    Can’t help but feel it was augmented with photoshop….

  7. AbsolutionJailor says:

    Any animal can be a pet when you’re not a pussy*. | *Local restrictions apply. Do not own or operate a leopard. Do not read this disclaimer.

  8. vardecos says:

    Imagine yourself inside a blizzard…then you see those eyes

  9. AbsolutionJailor says:

    Aww. Don’t forget

  10. TheWanderingPoet says:

    Considering the fact a domesticated cat will maul you for shits and giggles… no. See those claws?

  11. cavemammajamma says:

    Very artistic how you brought the face into focus, but left the body fuzzy…

  12. IfYouHaveNothingCleverToSayDontSayAnythingAtAll says:

    Out of curiosity, have we ever tried doing this sort of thing through artificial selection? Or does it simply not work for certain animals?

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