Heroic Bystanders Jump Into River To Save Teens After Their SUV Flips Over (Video)

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A massive group of bystanders in Salt Lake City, Utah, rescued three passengers from an SUV that had crashed and overturned in a river last week.

The three passengers in the car were all teenagers, and as of Thursday evening, they were in the hospital, with the driver in serious condition and the other two in stable condition.

Local authorities are investigating the incident, but it seems the driver lost control of the car due to speeding.

The car then flipped into the river, and bystanders, including Leo Montoya Jr., who was the first to dive into the water,  jumped in to pull the passengers out and turn the car upright.

The group was able to rescue both passengers, and fire crews managed to free the driver, who was submerged for nearly five minutes.

See the incredible act of heroism above.

H/T: ABC 7 News

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/bystanders-jump-water-save-teens-overturned-suv-video/767258/

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