How I spend the entirety of my workday


How I spend the entirety of my workday

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8 responses to “How I spend the entirety of my workday”

  1. PaulD112 says:

    Yay more pictures of the usual Imgur obsessed actors I don’t give a shit about.

  2. anexpertexpert says:

    So your work as a high-functioning sociopath then huh?

  3. Jthechef says:

    This episode was way better than the first – I may even watch it again for the wedding speech alone

  4. CaptainMalcolmReynoldSerenity says:

    I once almost did this to a man they call Jayne.

  5. jennyspaghetti says:

    Me too, and I homeschool my kids. >_>

  6. sprbwlshuffler says:

    “I am death”

  7. sachspanner says:

    Dammit guys, I was drinking juice and top comments nearly made me snort it out my nose. Had to sit and gargle for two minutes.

  8. pitrulez says:

    like batman

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