How Well Do You Know Liz Lemon?

  1. 1. Where does Liz “want to go to?”

    1. Home

    2. There

    3. Anywhere but here


    She “wants to go to there.”

  2. 2. What is the occupation of Liz’s imaginary boyfriend?

    1. Astronaut

    2. Plumber

    3. Baseball Umpire


    Astronaut Mike Dexter, one of the best.

  3. 3. What musician did Liz attend elementary school with?

    1. Bob Dylan

    2. Fred Durst

    3. Sheryl Crowe


    The two of them performed as a pair of kidneys in a fifth-grade production.

  4. 4. What college did Liz attend?

    1. Oberlin

    2. Ohio State University – Lima campus

    3. University of Maryland


    Where she was a theater tech major.

  5. 5. What kind of college scholarship did Liz have?

    1. Jazz dance

    2. Marching band mascot

    3. Knitters club


    It was only a partial scholarship, though. She still has student loans.

  6. 6. What kind of commercial did Liz do that the writers found?

    1. Pizza Hut Restaurant

    2. Shamwow

    3. Sex line


    When Liz was a struggling actress in Chicago, she was in an ad for 1-900-OK-FACE.

  7. 7. What language does Liz claim to be fluent in?

    1. Farsi

    2. German

    3. Spanish


    She studied abroad in Germany, but isn’t quite fluent.

  8. 8. Who does Liz think she is having a conversation with when she is drugged up on a plane?

    1. Princess Leia

    2. Lindsay Lohan

    3. Oprah


    The person she was talking to was actually just a little girl.

  9. 9. How old was Liz when she lost her virginity?

    1. 18

    2. 25

    3. 22


    She was just waiting for the right guy.

  10. 10. What sport did Liz play for one day in high school?

    1. Field hockey

    2. Volleyball

    3. Boys varsity football


    To prove a point on gender segregation.

  11. 11. What did Liz do instead of going to her senior prom?

    1. Made out with a guy on lovers lane

    2. Attended the Wringling Brothers circus

    3. Stayed home and prank called a telethon


    During this phone conversation she spoke to Jack for the first time!

  12. 12. What is Liz’s middle name?

    1. Miervaldis

    2. Gary

    3. Chrysanthemum


    The name actually comes from a staffer on 30 Rock.

  13. 13. What is Liz Lemon’s personal sound effect?

    1. Groamph

    2. Blergh

    3. Gagoey


    With an “H”

  14. 14. What is the name of Liz’s over-40 dance group that performs at WNBA games?

    1. The Granny Grinders

    2. Werkin’ and Workin’

    3. The Timeless Torches


    It’s why she was so relaxed and happy after the show’s hiatus.

  15. 15. When did Liz Lemon do her first ever eye-roll?

    1. While watching the poor lighting during a high school performance of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”

    2. When she was 12 and someone said to her, “Lemony Snickets, what are you a series of unfortunate events?!”

    3. When she was the flower girl at her aunt Linda’s wedding


    In this episode, Tina’s real-life daughter Alice played mini-Liz.

  16. 16. Who does Liz pretend to be to get out of jury duty?

    1. Michael Jackson

    2. Denise Richards

    3. Princess Leia


    She also dressed up as Princess Leia for her wedding — and numerous times for Halloween.

  17. 17. What is a Liz Lemon party?

    1. Fun

    2. Mandatory

    3. Better than New Year’s Eve 1999


    Who wouldn’t want to go, though?

  18. 18. What did Liz say as she flipped the writers table?

    1. “Where’s my mac ‘n’ cheese?!”

    2. “If you don’t eat with me, then you don’t eat at all!”

    3. “You prostitution whore! You were engaged 19 times!”



  19. 19. Complete the sentence: “What the _______”

    1. golden beans is that?!

    2. heck

    3. what


    A catchphrase that will go down in history.

  20. 20. How does Liz first meet Jenna?

    1. On set of “The Girlie Show”

    2. In Chicago when Liz was doing lighting for Jenna’s show

    3. On the street when Liz was homeless


    Jenna first thought Liz was a boy.

How Well Do You Know Liz Lemon?


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