I am a mattress thief.

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I am a mattress thief.

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/iDNIcWF

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13 responses to “I am a mattress thief.”

  1. ManKanAlltidTaMer says:

    Wow, an actual confession.

  2. Laughterthoughts says:

    plot twist: mattress is from adult film set

  3. AbusiveWankerVEVO says:

    If it is worth having, it is worth stealing.

  4. dragondaemon says:

    That’s cool, just don’t remove the tag!

  5. ExistentialExceptionalism says:

    Well this mystery has been put to bed.

  6. terdFerguson says:

    @OP wouldn’t want to come across you in a dark alley.

  7. TheStoatMcGoats says:

    But, they’re the consumer. The tag clearly states “Not to be removed except by consumer.”

  8. ThinAsAStick says:

    Who gives other people mattresses as presents?

  9. hannes3120 says:

    gw copying the reddit topcomment…

  10. nanananananananananaBatman says:

    who the fuck gets a mattress for their birthday

  11. captainbrainstorm says:

    Immediately reminded me of this: http://imgur.com/E1Hhf2S

  12. keen995 says:

    ohh. I was afraid second part will be like “I fucked her on it”

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