I consumed this.

I consumed this.

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/2sEH4

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8 responses to “I consumed this.”

  1. Holmadik says:

    It’s simple, we eat the parfait.

  2. CatMan says:

    Why so health conscious?

  3. TheCreatureLives says:

    *something about The Joker*

  4. wookie89 says:

    You got a little fruit in you. I like that.

  5. RIghtintheCheddar says:

    Why so deliserious?

  6. IonlyCameBecauseIHeardThereWasCake says:

    The three eyed joker…… must be the next installment of batman!

  7. grlwcrls says:

    I thought it was granola?

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