ICYMI this MTV star flogged climate marcher Leo DiCaprio with one photo

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To whom could that Twitter user be referring? Why, ultra-hypocrite actor Leonardo DiCaprio, of course! As Twitchy reported, DiCaprio attended the “People’s Climate March” on Sunday and much mockery ensued.

PJTV’s Michelle Fields asked him about his not-so-green yacht and other Twitter users slammed him for that as well.

Then came MTV’s Chet Cannon.

Hi, @LeoDiCaprio. Are you cutting back on time in those jets and yachts and more jets and yachts? #Climate2014

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) September 21, 2014


He then brilliantly flogged him with one photo.

Shorter @LeoDiCaprio: Capitalism and fuel are lame. pic.twitter.com/gP5fOdb5AJ

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) September 21, 2014


@Chet_Cannon @BarefootSnap @LeoDiCaprio CAPTION: "Where's my caviar and blue fin dolphin fillet?

— ProLifeIN (@idideat4414505) September 22, 2014

@Chet_Cannon @LeoDiCaprio He walked from San Tropez to NYC just for the #ClimateMarch.

— Low Info Buffalo (@DeadBuffaloBlog) September 21, 2014

And an exit question for the Hollywood hypocrite:

@Chet_Cannon @JedediahBila @LeoDiCaprio Does your yacht run on solar power or Democratic hot air? The latter is abundant.

— carlos nieves (@L0s4) September 22, 2014


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