If Facebook movies were more honest, they’d look like this

Tripp and Tyler, who most recently entertained us with conference calls in real life, have a fantastic new video poking fun at…well, all things Facebook…

Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/if-facebook-movies-were-more-honest-theyd-look-like-this/

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6 responses to “If Facebook movies were more honest, they’d look like this”

  1. Critter says:


  2. Zinc says:

    Nailed it. And why so many people seem to think I’m at all interested in the food they eat is beyond me. It makes it look like the most interesting thing in their life is something they were served in a restaurant or baked in their kitchen.

  3. Laker says:

    On the interwebs we are all equal and small. Cheer up!

  4. DeEp says:

    Maybe they spelled Triscuit wrong on purpose. After all, this video IS a parody. (facepalm)

  5. lisa says:

    just so funny, I love the fb video’s but this was just waiting to happen…..totally cracked me up!!! Well Done xx

  6. bob says:

    Rick Grimes is the actor

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