If I worked in retail, I would so do this.

If I worked in retail, I would so do this.

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11 responses to “If I worked in retail, I would so do this.”

  1. bellafelis says:

    Excellent advice.

  2. golinsteelheart says:

    oh dear god im done! +1

  3. catfishisnolongeravailable says:

    my dick became one man’s obsession

  4. maltbrew says:

    “Sanity in stilettos” – Books like this are the reason for countries and worlds failing!

  5. BrianStephenson says:

    Lost it at “Cooking Your Dog”

  6. koenigseggignigsegigseggg says:

    Murine ear drops are made from urea, a chemical from urine. So covering the ‘M’ only serves to emphasize you’re putting pee in your ear.

  7. FrankUnderwoodsEgo says:

    I signed in on a library computer just to upvote this.

  8. OneOfThoseKnights says:

    Upvote for everything on this. Good job sir!

  9. SushiJaguar says:

    Oh god my ribs

  10. yoboydad says:

    anal fantasy now in chicken, salmon, and original???

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