Indian Mom vs. texting language

Indian Mom vs. texting language

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15 responses to “Indian Mom vs. texting language”

  1. TheWhistlingMagician says:

    “Electric”? Is that what the kids are calling STDs these days?

  2. pigboy says:

    “somebody is going to get a hurt real bad”

  3. RickoMeyers says:

    I honesty read this in the voice of Rajesh & Pria Kutrapalis Mom..

  4. cornkid says:

    What is ‘omg’

  5. grfrank says:

    He should’ve used quotation marks in the first place, to avoid confusion… just saying.

  6. IDontUsuallyRespondToPostsButWhenIDoitsFunnyAsShit says:

    I read the first text as, “Make sure you get checked for electric”, and almost posted a question as to what that meant.

  7. AslanYesLikeTheNarnia says:

    I like the part where her being Indian has nothing to do with this…

  8. castielle says:

    Smart Ass Mom: 1. Brat kid: 0

  9. ralphskillet says:

    douche treat your mother better

  10. NotACanadian says:

    OMB guys!

  11. tattarax says:

    Fuck the dumb conversation….+1 for hot chick in background

  12. doctorTaro says:

    wow maybe a little more respect for your mother..

  13. captfitz says:

    troll mom

  14. RydeTheSpyral says:

    She’s a quick learner.

  15. AnaximanderBolton says:

    It’s actually not relevant to the picture. We just like referencing BSG any time we get the chance. Polytheism? SO SAY WE ALL.

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