Is Boston in New York? Bombing puts Beantown on the map!/MelisssaMcAtee/status/324128492960763905

We all have plenty of questions in the wake of yesterday’s horrific terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon, but there’s one question we certainly weren’t prepared to hear: where is Boston? Is it in New York or England?

Feel for all them people in Boston…. Where is Boston in england or america?

— Jasmine Mccall (@JasmineMccall14) April 16, 2013

the phrase “where is Boston coz I thought it was in England” made me laugh and cry at the same time #WTF RT @jadmav…

— SHALOM (@shalom08) April 17, 2013

To be fair, the bombing has made news internationally, although evidence suggests quite a few learned of the explosions not from the BBC but rather 1D. One Direction’s Harry Styles tweeted his thoughts on the tragedy, but he wasn’t very specific about the details.

Just heard the news. So terribly sad. thoughts with everyone in Boston .x

— Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles) April 15, 2013

before things get too confusing where is boston

— lildly (@azealily) April 15, 2013

Where is boston? America???

— apryl winter (@MissAprylWinter) April 15, 2013

Where is boston and what happened, I’m so confused

— tashbash (@natcollins00) April 15, 2013

@ellamai27 where is Boston? London?

— jgilson (@jasmin_gilson) April 15, 2013

Right someone help me.. I’m so confused? Where is boston? Why is it stopping people going to the london marathon?

— connie♥(@gibson_connie) April 15, 2013

where is boston anyways? like i know its in america but like where abouts

— louise (@lougx) April 15, 2013

why is people bombing boston? And where is boston It sounds like its in england ??

— Hayley Grier (@HayleyGrierr) April 15, 2013

Is Boston a country? #confused

— molly (@mollyrsmith) April 15, 2013

Is Boston a state?

— IG : CokeBoy_Rell(@GottiBOY_RELL) April 15, 2013

is boston in new york ?

—silvana ♡♥♡♥ (@silvanaxo_) April 15, 2013

This is gonna sound stupid but is Boston a state? I literally dont know any states. O

— мαяιє (@m_saladino) April 15, 2013

Is Boston a state or a city ?

— Tatii(@_tatiii_x3) April 15, 2013

What country is Boston in?

— Amy Pownall (@Amy_Pownall) April 15, 2013

Is New England in the USA???? I’m so confused. Where is Boston at? #GeoIsNotMyThing

— £uh Ka¥♚Ka¥(@KaylinSites) April 16, 2013


— ☹emma☹ (@lickthemalik) April 15, 2013

is Boston in New York?! please someone tell me

— ni(gg)all (@hugsforhoran) April 15, 2013

Is Boston in New York or Massachusetts ?

— Haleigh Nicole.❤ (@SheBeautiful76) April 16, 2013

No srsly where is Boston?

— dude (@LiamsSmiles) April 15, 2013

Where is Boston? Is it in this country?

— Zoe Rose (@ZoeroseR) April 15, 2013

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