It's the little things at my job that humor me.

It's the little things at my job that humor me.

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13 responses to “It's the little things at my job that humor me.”

  1. karikarijojo says:

    “uh… is miss Kittyfuck available to sign?”

  2. DoctorProfessorUpvoteWhore says:

    Knock or ring the doorbell, but not both.

  3. Thwazman says:

    Holy crap, your mom moved to Arizona?

  4. TheRepublican says:

    Choo choo, kittyfuckers

  5. kdrizzle says:

    That is MR. Booboo Kittyfuck to you!

  6. SayCarRamRod says:

    I like to put the “please ring bell” option on my packages also, we forgot to put in a doorbell when we built it. Mwahahahaahahhhaha

  7. splunkerty says:

    i am not sure about this comment

  8. colourblindchameleon says:

    Unconceivable! Unbelievable! Grammar like a hammer, information receivable!

  9. Hirnsuppe says:

    No one fucks with kitty. Ain’t no one.

  10. sweetgreerchic says:

    Priority overnight at that!

  11. pooglemcbots says:

    Check it for weed.

  12. SmellTheFuck says:

    It happens.

  13. LangdonAlger says:

    Am I missing something isn’t booboo kittyfuck the name the person who ordered this gave themselves? Not the actual product.

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