I've lived a life of lies

I've lived a life of lies

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/AK4Ye

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12 responses to “I've lived a life of lies”

  1. FrecklesIRL says:

    Oh public school, you cad!

  2. Phaethon says:


  3. majesticimguriannamedcarlwhoyoumet says:

    I watched a documentary that totally disproved global warming. It was all about how CO2 doesn’t affect climate change. Mind. Blown.

  4. majesticimguriannamedcarlwhoyoumet says:

    Man, science book. You crazy!

  5. majesticimguriannamedcarlwhoyoumet says:

    Very unsubtle photo bomb.

  6. awesomesauceboss says:

    Does that mean we actually have an imgurpenguin?

  7. MrPassion says:

    Is this an AP Bio book? I think I have this. Also, relevant: http://tinyurl.com/33z7zdr http://tinyurl.com/cra5wob

  8. ExplodingTacos says:

    (they’re behind the giraffes)

  9. appaismyspiritanimal says:

    penguins and giraffes are my favorite animals! I see nothing wrong with this textbook. Carry on, imgur.

  10. thegoldenblazer says:

    You had one job Phil! ONE JOB!

  11. youtellme says:

    so is your mother… but you dont see us complaining?!

  12. Solkir says:

    Must be from Alabama

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