Jumpin’ Jackass? Did Jagger minimize storm damage at Sandy relief concert?

Yes, yes he did. Here’s what Mick Jagger told the New York crowd last night at the 12-12-12 concert to benefit the Hurricane Sandy relief effort:

Jagger: “Largest collection of old English musicians assembled in Madison Square Garden. If it rains in London, you’ve got to come help us.”

— Karen DaltonBeninato (@kbeninato) December 13, 2012

And the Rolling Stones’ Twitter account proudly tweeted the quote:


Man up and grow a pair, Sandy victims! Where’s your stiff upper lip? Just grab your bumbershoots, old chaps!

Was it just a joke from a silly old coot or an obnoxious insult? Either way, the Twitterverse wasn’t about to let this one slide. The backlash was immediate:

Did Mick Jagger just dismiss the scale of the hurricane damage? “If it rains in London come help us” #121212concert

— ParkAvesFinest (@ParkAvesFinest) December 13, 2012

Wait wait wait….did Mick Jagger say if it rains in London we should help them? Was it raining during WWII? #121212Concert

— Dan Bohle (@dwbohle) December 13, 2012

Mick Jagger, grasping the storm’s severity: “We’re so glad to be a part of this but if it rains in London you must help us, ok?”

— Kara Yorio (@karayorio) December 13, 2012

Not gonna lie when jagger said “better help us out if it ever rains in England” I got a little angry. #121212Concert #notcool #eatasandwich

— Melissa Cavaleri (@mcavs) December 13, 2012

did jagger just say if it rains in london we have to help them? we bailed them out in WW2. REMEMBER? You’re welcome.

— N.A.Flotteron (@naflotteron) December 13, 2012

@kaylaabaumann not a big fan of the stones. Especially after what Mick jagger said about we have to help now when it rains in London. Dick

— Ben (@BenPurzak68) December 13, 2012

#121212concert Mick Jagger: “If it rains in London, you’ve gotta come help us.” Was he calling us wussies?Lol

— Jeremy Bednarski (@JeremyBednarski) December 13, 2012

Anyone else think Jagger’s “If it rains in London, you guys have to help us” line was a bit out-of-bounds?

— Pat Van De Walle (@OakParkVandy) December 13, 2012

I cant believe mick jagger said “if it rains in London I want you guys to come help us” what a scumbag thing to say. No1 asked for u old bag

— Joe Molinaro (@JoeMo724) December 13, 2012


Any response from Jagger? Nah, he had a cricket match to watch.

#121212concert had a great time at#madisonsquare really good crowd and wonderful atmosphere now home watching #indiavsengland #testmatch

— Mick Jagger (@MickJagger) December 13, 2012

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