just let me fix my face

just let me fix my face

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/4GO6p

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15 responses to “just let me fix my face”

  1. iartichokeabitch says:

    I can’t be clever when all that’s running through my mind is “D’AAAWWW!”

  2. TechnicolorCheeseWedge says:

    The more I watch, the more squeaky I get! SO ADORABLE

  3. SirAwesomeTheJth says:


  4. kasparj says:

    It’s so FLUFFY!

  5. WeAllLiveInAUserSubmarine says:

    But how did you get the hamster and the cat to breed in the first place?

  6. lisa4language says:

    The little lick in the beginning kills me!

  7. SoullessSingularity says:

    Does it think its a hamster?

  8. kittensandmermaids says:

    http://i.imgur.com/ZyPBv.gif <-- they finally made this real!

  9. HighResolutionToast says:

    Is that a cat or a hamster?

  10. mitchhewson says:

    showed a friend imgur, first thing she says: they sure like cats

  11. happyhair says:

    he stores his cuteness in his cheeks

  12. TheCap says:

    As someone who has never had a pet, being on imgur this morning makes me want to own one!

  13. NiamhTheGreat says:


  14. LiaConforto5 says:

    The little lick in the beginning kills me!

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