Kelly Is The Sheltie You Need To Follow On Instagram

This cutie from Japan loves to travel and takes the best pictures on IG.

1. She is taking the Sheltie bow-game to the next level:

/ Via Instagram: @lisaofrose2

2. Winnie The Pooh & Minnie Mouse went to her birthday party:

3. She is a beautiful snow princess: / Via Instagram: @lisaofrose2

4. Look at her cute, snuggly face:

She’s totally a cuddler.

5. She made you reconsider who Santa really is:

6. She really likes oranges:

7. Her smile lights up the room:

8. She is prepared for this eternal winter:

9. She looks like an angel when she sleeps:

10. She is basically a model:

11. Sometimes she chills in this awesome tent:

12. She is also extremely talented:

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